Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Our Vision

Restore a self-sustaining, free-roaming population of Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas in the wild.

We envision a population of at least one thousand Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas, living freely within protected areas, reproducing naturally and continuing to evolve in step with their ever changing natural environment.

Together with the iguanas, the native ecosystems in these protected areas will be managed over the long term, to control or maintain eradication of non-native species which threaten to disrupt natural processes, and to ensure that human activities do not conflict with the well-being of the iguanas and their natural environment.

The Blue Iguanas will be a flagship for the conservation of the ecosystems of which they form part. As such, they will attract nature tourism and be the inspiration for a range of commercial products. Commercial activity linked to the Blue Iguanas and their habitat will generate sustainable revenue which will fund management of the Blue Iguana population and its associated protected areas, indefinitely.