Blue Iguana Recovery Program

    Salina Blues Population Survey 2013 Our triennial survey of the restored Blue Iguana population in the Salina Reserve is just wrapping up. All through March, our team of eight walked every segment of trail in our survey zones, twice a day for eighteen active survey days, logging every iguana detected using a distance sampling protocol. That all added up to 441 iguana detection events, and a huge mound of data now organized in an impressive spreadsheet and about to undergo preliminary analysis. We are just clarifying the last few mysteries out there in the Salina, and should be calling the job done within the next day...

Programme News

leadimage How many Blue Iguanas are there in the wild?

It’s the question we are asked most often.
“How many Blue Iguanas are in the wild now?”
It’s one of the measuring sticks which we use to measure progress to our long term goal. To quote our own strategic plan,
“We envision a population of at least one thousand Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas, living freely within one or […]

leadimage A Farewell to John - but not quite…

Our longest serving Blue Iguana Warden, John Marotta, sadly left the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme’s employment at the end of March. In his characteristic style, John is staying on in a volunteer capacity until the time comes to leave, and he plans to visit often and continue to lend us a hand.
John and his wife […]

leadimage Iguana Release lifts wild population to 650

After the Wildlife Conservation Society’s vet team gave our 2-year-old Blues a clean bill of health, the second release to the new Colliers Wilderness Reserve was set to go. Doug Bell, our stalwart field volunteer for many years, led the team placing newly built release retreats, and scoping the ones from last year which were […]

Blue Iguana Swimming Fund Raiser

FKCC Swim Around Key West - June 14, 2014

Alex Harling, Grand Cayman, will be attempting a 12.5 mile open-water endurance swim around Key West on June 14th, in support of the Blue Iguanas.
You can help the Blue Iguanas by sponsoring Alex’s prodigious swim,  online at and be sure to click the Blue Iguana Recovery […]

PR31032009 - New Nature Reserve for Critically Endangered Blue Iguana

31st March, 2009
The Cayman Islands Government has taken decisive action to help save the world’s most endangered iguana. Almost 200 acres of government-owned prime dry shrubland habitat in the east interior of the Grand Cayman is being protected, to provide area for restoration of the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, Cyclura lewisi.
The Grand Cayman Blue […]

Blues in the Int'l Press

BBC News: Triumph of the Blues

BBC News
By Matt McGrath, Environment Correspondent
“Triumph of the Blues - iconic iguana saved by trade ban”
Read on the BBC’s web site via this link: