Blue Iguana Recovery Program

QSPV Ltd. joins the challenge to save Blue Iguana from extinction

Nov 9th, 2002 | By | Category: Blues in the Local Press

By Bina Mani, Caymanian Press

The Blue Iguana Conservation Fund has been established as an exclusive account to implement the Blue Iguana Species Recovery Plan, which is a comprehensive strategic plan being carried out under the guidance of local and international experts, the release points out.National Trust Iguana Programme Director Fred Burton (right) provides the details about caged iguanas in the Trust’s captive breeding programme. Paying close attention are (from left) QSPV Assistant VP Jackie Powell Marsden, National Trust’s newly appointed Executive Director Theresa Broderick and QSPV Vice President Martin Couch. Photo: Bina Mani

Our highest immediate priorities are to expand our captive breeding facility in the QE II Botanic Park, and to recruit a part time warden to care for the increasing number of Blue Iguanas we are rearing there,” says the programme’s director, Mr. Fred Burton.

Representatives of QSVP commented, “QSPV Limited is pleased to support a variety of charitable and worthy causes in Cayman. We are enthusiastic about the Blue Iguana conservation programme at the Botanic Park, as it will preserve part of Cayman’s environmental heritage for future generations to experience and enjoy.”

The grant from QSPV Ltd. combined with overseas support will now enable the Trust to hire a part time Blue Iguana warden. Meanwhile some US$8,100 originating from the Disney Wildlife Conservation Trust has been granted towards the cost of expansion of the captive breeding facility, the director says. “This urgent project will be restricted to a first phase of construction until sufficient funds can be obtained to complete the larger facility that is needed,” the director adds.

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