Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Specific Skills needed

Here are some “volunteer job descriptions” which we hope can be filled by regular volunteers. We are looking for people who are in a position to commit to taking on all or part of any of these tasks on an ongoing basis. This page will be updated to reflect the programme’s most current needs.

You may wonder why the Programme doesn’t hire staff to carry out some or all of these duties. The reality we operate under is that of today (29th January 2009) the Programme is only able to finance two paid employees. All other roles, from the programme director to Team Blue volunteers working long hard hours in the field, are handled by committed volunteers.

Iguana Sponsorships Manager

Task: to promote, sell, and service Blue Iguana naming and sponsorships to raise funds for the Programme. We have existing sponsors and namers who we need to keep in touch with, renewals that need processing, and lots of new iguanas which could “earn their keep” by gaining paying namers and annual sponsors!
Skills: Creating and printing sponsorship certificates, birth certificates and photo portraits requires some basic familiarity with Photoshop and high quality colour printer use. Record keeping (in Excel or Access) is also needed, and some email and written correspondence is involved.
Time: flexible and can be scheduled to work in batches. The number of sponsorships active at any one time can and should be limited to the volunteer time available to service them.
Teamwork: this task can be carried out by one or several persons. It would be possible, for example, to split the computer/printing role from the marketing and selling role. If more than one volunteer is involved, communication between them must be tightly coordinated so all transactions are delivered fully and in good time.
Location: the main centre of activity is in Grand Cayman, so this role is best suited to volunteers native to or resident on the island.
Current status: full role needs to be covered as soon as possible!


Assistant Blue Iguana Warden

Task: to assist the two Blue Iguana Wardens with the care and feeding of the Blue Iguanas in the captive facility. This includes daily collection of wild plants for the diet, food preparation and distribution, watering and cleaning cages, miscellaneous repairs and maintenance and monitoring the free-roaming iguanas in the Botanic Park. Some assistance with tour operations may also be involved.
Skills: Familiarity and confidence with handling animals. Good manner interacting with the public. Ability to work outdoors in a hot tropical environment.
Time: 9am for at least half a day, on days to be determined depending on your availability and other volunteers.
Teamwork: this task can be carried out by several persons.
Location: Blue Iguana Captive Facility, in the QE II Botanic Park on Grand Cayman. Suitable for locals and for visiting volunteers.
Current status: positions are currently available for both local and visiting volunteers.

Locally based volunteer application
Visiting volunteer application

Iguana Retreat Casting Operator

Task: to mass produce Blue Iguana retreats, from cementaceous grout poured into molds.
Skills: Basic practical skills and sufficient strength to heft bags of grout and hand mix and pour it into the molds. Techniques will be taught and materials will be provided.
Time: Flexible. Batch pouring will require several hours at a time.
Teamwork: this task can be carried out by several persons.
Location: Either at volunteer base in Boddentown, or at the Blue Iguana Captive Facility, or elsewhere as most convenient. Suitable for locals and visiting volunteers.
Current status: molds are being produced at the moment, and mass production will commence in mid to late 2009, we hope!


Salina Blues Fieldworker

Task: to implement monitoring and habitat management activities in the Salina Reserve, for the released Blue Iguana population living there. Tasks may include population monitoring, retreat deployment, trail cutting, GPS mapping, radio tracking and more, depending entirely on the year’s priorities as they evolve over time.
Skills: Physical endurance, heat tolerance, good balance, strong ankles, and some familiarity with navigation (GPS and compass), information recording, and wildlife observation.
Time: multi-week placements during periods of continuous fieldwork.
Teamwork: this task is best handled by a small team.
Location: Salina Reserve, Grand Cayman. The majority of Salina Blues fieldworkers are international volunteers, but we also welcome local volunteers who are in a position to volunteer periods of several full days at a time.
Current status: Fieldwork in 2009 will focus on deploying retreats for the iguanas in the Salina Reserve. Some population monitoring will also be scheduled, and late in the year we expect to conduct another release to the wild.