Blue Iguana Recovery Program

International Visitors Volunteering


At this time, we are seeking FIELD VOLUNTEERS only. Depending on the time of year, work may involve a wide range of activities, but all will be outdoors in the harsh terrain of the Salina Reserve and the Colliers Wilderness Reserve here on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. This is only suitable for physically fit, heat tolerant, physically active people who don’t mind hard work for a good cause. The toughest boots get torn to sheds by our sharp karst terrain, scratches bruises and bites are inevitable, we have to be watchful for the threat of heat stroke, and at times you may need to overnight in our wilderness camp. If this kind of rough life really suits you, we may well be happy to have you – especially if you have some experience with any of the kinds of work we do.

Here are some examples of activities you might get involved with, depending on when you volunteer and what the current project priorities are:

- trail clearing
- gps mapping
- iguana surveying / monitoring
- fence building
- nest digging
- vegetation and habitat surveys

We are NOT seeking international volunteers at our captive breeding and head-starting facility, because we are already well staffed there with our two full time Wardens and local volunteers.

Our international field volunteers normally live at our rustic volunteer accommodation in Bodden Town, Grand Cayman. We provide the accommodation and shared use of a project vehicle. Volunteers are responsible for their own international travel costs, and their own food and consumables costs. You also need your own insurance coverage, and we will ask you to sign a liability waiver when you arrive.

If you think this is for you, give some thought to the dates you might want to volunteer, and no more than six months before you plan to travel to Grand Cayman, fill out this application form, and we will take things from there!