Blue Iguana Recovery Program

The 2012 release of Blue Iguanas to the wild, has begun!

Jul 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Blues in the Local Press

Here’s a short video of our first Blue Iguana release to the wild, for 2012.

The veterinary Dream Team from WCS and colleagues have once again pronounced our captive youngsters healthy and fit for release. We forged ahead while the vets were still here so they could join us in releasing some of the iguanas they had just examined. Eight young Blue Iguanas went free in the Salina Reserve on 30th June 2012, released by Fred Burton, Doug Bell, Dr. Paul Calle, Patricia Toledo and Olivia Benjamin.

We place them into their wooden artificial retreats towards the end of the day, so they sleep the night inside and wake up feeling secure. Next day and for months after, they use the retreats as their safe havens as they gradually adjust to life the wild.

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