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Singing the Blues

May 9th, 2008 | By | Category: Blues in the Local Press

Singing the Blues

Elianna Anglin, John Bodden, Chambria Dalhouse,
Ruth Harris, Kozhaya Kozaily and David Smith

all Year 3 students at George Town Primary 

We’ve got the blues

This is not the way to a bright future:

Destroying our Island’s nature!

We’re singing the blues

‘Cause we heard the sad news.

They’re killing our native blues,

And the police are looking for clues

We’re on the wrong path,

And we have so much wrath

For the murder of our blues.

Our beauty we don’t want to lose.

No security can keep them from harm,

And there is no good luck charm.

We have to protect our endangered blues,

Or our future will be all bad news.

So we’re singing the blues.

‘Cause we heard the sad news.


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