Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Planning the Blue’s Future

Nov 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Director's Blog

PLANNING THE BLUE’s FUTURE…  As we prepare for the second and final release of this year’s 25 lucky Blues into the Salina Reserve, which is set for next Sunday (23rd November), we are also gearing up for a four-day meeting in the first week of December, during which our local and international partners will be revisiting our master plan for saving the Blues.  Known as the “Species Recovery Plan” for the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, this is our evergreen blueprint that guides our work and keeps all the various individuals and organizations involved, on the same page. In four days of brainstorming we will look back on the last 3 years achievements, analyze our successes and failures, and plan ahead to the year 2011.  IRCF’s John Binns, San Diego Zoo / CRES’ Tandora Grant, and Durrell Wildlife’s geneticist Stephan Funk will be joining us, along with our local colleagues from the Department of Environment, the National Trust, and the QE II Botanic Park. With the Salina Reserve approaching its carrying capacity, and a series of tragic losses in the QE II Botanic Park, we certainly have some complex and consequantial issues to think about, as we look to the future!

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