Blue Iguana Recovery Program

The Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

The Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) is Grand Cayman’s largest native land animal. It’s a giant, dragon-like blue lizard which grows to over 5 feet long, over 25 lbs weight, and can live as long as humans!

Originally a denizen of Grand Cayman’s coastal areas and interior dry shrublands, this magnificent reptile was driven to the brink of extinction, with only about a dozen surviving from the original wild population, by 2002.

The main causes of this catastrophic decline range through habitat destruction and road kills, to the deaths caused by free-roaming dogs, and feral cats.

Although these human-caused pressures have led to the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana being the most endangered iguana on earth, we have found that this is one species that can be saved. The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme is making remarkable strides: there is great hope for the future of the Blue Iguana, and its extraordinary wild habitat.

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