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Iguanas in ‘cautiously optimistic’ condition

May 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Blues in the Local Press

Iguanas in ‘cautiously optimistic’ condition

Cayman Net News Online

Published on Tuesday, May 13, 2008  

Director Fred Burton watching Dr Colin Wakelin attempting to resuscitate “Jessica”
who became one of the seven Blue Iguanas killed at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
on Saturday, 3 May.

Two Blue Iguanas who survived a brutal attack from unknown assailants on Saturday, 3 May continue to be monitored by veterinarians who gave their condition as “cautiously optimistic”.

After the death last Tuesday of another Blue Iguana injured in the attack on the Captive Breeding Facility, the condition of “Billy” and “Archie” has been an urgent concern.

Responding to the crisis, the Wildlife Conservation Society dispatched specialist veterinarian Dr Stephanie James to attend to these two large breeding males.

Dr James arrived last week and thanks to extraordinary measures willingly taken by the Department of Agriculture and the Cayman Islands Veterinary Board, she was formally permitted to get to work the moment she arrived.

X-rays at Island Veterinary Services had already confirmed “Billy” had some problems, and Dr James’ first examination of blood parameters confirmed that some of the types of injuries that had killed the other iguanas may also be present in these two.

However, Dr James said: “The blood work isn’t nearly as disastrous as I’d feared.”

The two iguanas were treated with a painkiller, antibiotic, and various other injections and infusions to counteract any developing infections and other possible consequences of internal injury.

They are now being held in a natural enclosure under conditions designed to minimize all stress. They will be under close observation today, while Dr James designs an ongoing treatment strategy.

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