Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Iguana Release lifts wild population to 650

Oct 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Programme News

After the Wildlife Conservation Society’s vet team gave our 2-year-old Blues a clean bill of health, the second release to the new Colliers Wilderness Reserve was set to go. Doug Bell, our stalwart field volunteer for many years, led the team placing newly built release retreats, and scoping the ones from last year which were no longer occupied.

A young Blue Iguana free in the Colliers Wilderness Reserve

Fred Nathan and Jane planning the release routing

On 28th July, Fred Burton and volunteer Christina Gee took the first batch of nineteen out, and managed to get them into their retreats despite a thundery late afternoon downpour. Mat Cottam then joined Fred on 17th August, and again on 29th August, to release another nineteen and eighteen respectively.

And the grand finale on 12th September saw Fred and Mat joined by Department of Environment intern Nathan Dack and Blues volunteers Jane Hâkonsson and Colin Phillips, to release the last 51 in a tightly planned and executed operation.

When all was done, the restored wild population of Grand Cayman’s Blue Iguanas had soared from 540 to 650 – another big step towards our long term goal of 1,000.

Jane releases an iguana

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