Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Volunteering Locally

If you live in Grand Cayman and are interested in volunteering with us, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

If you are an outdoors type, probably the best way to start is to come and help out at the captive facility, where you can meet the iguanas and their Wardens, and get a feel for what the programme is doing. Contact Blue Iguana Warden, John Marotta to arrange a time to come and help at captive facility, which is located in the QE II Botanic Park.

Depending on your availability, you may later consider getting involved in fieldwork in the Salina Reserve or in other protected areas where we are, or will be releasing captive reared iguanas. Fieldwork is very seasonal, and sometimes needs sustained involvement over several days. Tough boots, strong ankles, and good balance are essential for walking and working on the cliff rock!

Occasionally we are involved in public outreach events, and fund raisers. We depend heavily on local volunteers for these occasions – if you enjoy getting involved in public events, please do get in touch and we will alert you when need arises.

Because the programme’s limited funding means we have the bare minimum of paid staff, we always need help in specific areas which may change over time depending on who we already have helping, and where the programme’s greatest needs lie. Our “wish list” of volunteer skills is kept updated here.