Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Sponsor an Iguana

If you are interesting in naming, and/or sponsoring one of the Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas in the captive facility or roaming free, please contact us.

Naming is for life – once named, a Blue Iguana carries that name permanently, and the name will be used in our databases and in the International Studbook for the species. Nearly all of our adult breeders have already been named, but every year about a hundred new hatchlings are born, and start life with a PIT tag number, a Studbook Number, and a Birth Code identifier, but no personal name whatsoever. Naming is a significant privilege, and carries a one-off, $1,000 price tag – which goes to help the operation of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.

Sponsorships are annual, and renewable for as long as the iguana lives. At $500 per year, annual sponsorships cover the actual cost of care, whether this be cage maintenance and feeding in captivity, or field monitoring in the wild. Any Blue Iguana can only have one sponsor at a time. Visits to see your sponsored iguana can sometimes be arranged, depending very much on whether your iguana is still captive, or is lucky enough to be released into protected habitat.

Both sponsorships and naming involve frame-ready certificates and a photograph of the iguana concerned, but the real reward is knowing that you have forged a personal connection in helping to save one of the world’s most endangered iguanas!