Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Donations of Goods & Services

The BIRP benefits hugely from donations of commercial goods and services needed for the programme’s operation and development. Our needs are quite varied and sometimes reach in unexpected directions, so if you would like your company to help  in a practical way but don’t know if you have anything to offer that would be useful, it never hurts to get in touch.

Some recent examples give an idea of the range of assistance we have received:

  • The Schundler Corporation in the USA donated a large shipment of vermiculite, to the BIRP via IRCF, for use in casting release retreats for iguanas in the Salina using a lightweight concrete mixture.
  • Architects Rutkowki Baxter Houghton in Grand Cayman, prepared plans for a visitor centre to be placed in a future new nature reserve for the Blue Iguanas, at greatly discounted cost.
  • Structural engineering firm Halcrow Yolles, who have a branch office in Grand Cayman, are assisting in materials specifications for iguana retreats, and have also been working on plans for our future visitor centre.
  • Local hardware company ALThompson donated lumber for the construction of part of the security fence now protecting the captive facility.
  • Local contractor Cayman Executive Homes built the entire security fence at cost, with assistance from another local business, Parkers, whose owner specified and ordered the chain link fence components required for the job.
  • Wharton Smith Inc, a general contractor based in the USA, laid the foundations for our most recent batch of new breeding pens, while they had staff in Cayman working on a contract for the Water Authority.
  • Domino’s Pizza on Grand Cayman brought almost their entire staff to the captive facility one Saturday morning, to give the breeding pens a new coat of paint. Goldman Sachs, and the Governor’s Office are two other examples of local office staff coming out together to do physical work at the captive facility.

If we were to put a financial value on all the goods and services that are donated in a given year, it would probably match the funds which our financial sponsors and donors so generously provide. Sometimes it is even the same companies and individuals who donate both funds and practical help! Either way, donations empower us to do what needs to be done to save the Blues, and they also inspire us to work harder at it!