Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Financial Donations

Donations are the life blood of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, along with corporate grants, funding from conservation agencies, and income from tours and merchandise.

The most convenient way to donate to the programme depends partly on where you live.

In the Cayman Islands, finances for the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme are held in an account at the Bank of Butterfield (Cayman) Limited, the Blue Iguana Conservation Fund. We are always very happy to receive local checks, large or small, made out to “Blue Iguana Conservation Fund”, in KYD or USD currencies, and mailed to:

Blue Iguana Recovery Programme
PO Box 10308
Grand Cayman KY1-1003
Cayman Islands

Checks in other currencies can also be received by mail and deposited in the same way, but currency exchanges and bank fees may reduce the value of your donation to the programme, especially with smaller amounts.

On-line donations directly to the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme via credit card (MC, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER) or PayPal can be made directly HERE.

In the USA (and internationally), funds for the programme can be donated to the International Reptile Conservation Foundation, one of the BIRP’s long-standing partners.

PO Box 90270
Tucson, AZ 85752-0270

IRCF maintains a separate account for donations to the BIRP. You can ensure your donation is earmarked for the Blue Iguanas by stating this in your correspondence, or using one of IRCF’s online donation systems.

Donations via IRCF may be tax-deductible within the USA. For more details on tax deductible donations, contact IRCF.

Larger donations made in the UK may also be tax-deductible, by special arrangement via our Jersey, UK Partner, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. This is a case-by-case arrangement, not suited for small donations because there may be some administrative burden involved. If you wish to explore this option, please initially contact the BIRP director.