Blue Iguana Recovery Program

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Jun 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: Captive Facility Blog

My first day back from holiday was a productive one, almost as productive as the pregnant iguanas were last week.  As I stated in yesterdays post; Bitter and Orange/Red/Orange both laid their eggs in the new soil at the breeding facility.  But to my surprise upon return I noticed that Ruth has laid eggs on Saturday.  I was not sure if she had a chance to get impregnated by her mate because the sire of these eggs is/was Eldemire one of the seven Blue Iguanas that were killed in last month’s criminal attacks.  These are very important to the program; Eldemire lives on genetically at least.  I will excavate her nest on Monday.    We now have 106 eggs in our incubators after today’s collection of eleven fertile eggs from free roamer Wallflower who will now be re-released into the wild.  I also excavated four healthy eggs from first time mother WinDaJe ’04 (Windy) and father UBoy who is sponsored by Luigi Moxam, owner of local business One-Tree-4-5. So with over a hundred eggs under our control we now have four more identified nests to excavate and I know at least two of the mothers are strong breeders, so the numbers should increase significantly as the week unfolds.   A very special thanks goes out to int’l volunteer Angie Gamber for “holding down the fort” while I was away and the handful of local volunteers who helped her daily collecting vegetation and fruits.  THANK YOU!!!

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