Blue Iguana Recovery Program


How many Blue Iguanas are there in the wild?

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It’s the question we are asked most often.
“How many Blue Iguanas are in the wild now?”
It’s one of the measuring sticks which we use to measure progress to our long term goal. To quote our own strategic plan,
“We envision a population of at least one thousand Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas, living freely within one or [...]

A Farewell to John – but not quite…

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Our longest serving Blue Iguana Warden, John Marotta, sadly left the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme’s employment at the end of March. In his characteristic style, John is staying on in a volunteer capacity until the time comes to leave, and he plans to visit often and continue to lend us a hand.
John and his wife [...]

Charity Drive by Island Heritage to raise funds for the Blues

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Island Heritage Insurance Company here in Grand Cayman, is holding a Charity Drive event next week. On Tues 24th April all day, locally originating Facebook likes and Tweets will trigger $1 donations from Island Heritage to the Blues, as will every vehicle using the Island Heritage Roundabout. Check out for details, and stay posted [...]

Wine Auction and Dinner to benefit the Blues

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Tickets from Bon Vivant (Governors Square, Grand Cayman) or online at

(CNS): A charity wine, dinner and auction next week during Cayman Cookout will benefit the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme (BIRP) and a culinary school scholarship programme, which will help an aspiring Caymanian chef. Sponsored by the National Trust for the Cayman [...]

Blue Iguanas land the Blue Turtle Award!

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Cayman Islands’ conservationist is the first winner of JNCC’s Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Nature Conservation Award

Award for Blues Protector

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The UK government’s advisory body on conservation has awarded Fred Burton, director of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, the new annual Blue Turtle award for his work in preventing the extinction of one of the world’s most endangered species.

Gorgeous George to make a first impression

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Cayman News Service
Posted on Wed, 10/10/2009
(CNS): He may be cold blooded, but Gorgeous George, one of Cayman’s best known Blue Iguanas, will be extending a warm welcome to the Cayman Islands to everyone who passes through Owen Roberts international. With the help of local legal firm Walkers, the National Trust has created a stunningly attractive [...]

Nesting Season, early again!

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The Blue Iguana nesting season got underway on the weekend 16-17th May, just ahead of this summer’s first heavy rains, and a full month ahead of what used to be the normal schedule. We now have 56 eggs incubating from six different nests, with more on the way, and we are still only at the [...]

Fall Edition 2008

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Actions on May 3rd, 2008 that continue to defy comprehension lead to the violent deaths of seven of our iguanas. The news went worldwide within a matter of days and catapulted our shell-shocked team unexpectedly and ill-prerared into the public glare.
Digger, Yellow, Sara, and Eldemire were found dead within the confines of the captive breeding [...]

Spring Edition 2008

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Thanks to significant sponsorship from local reinsurance company, Greenlight Rd, upgrades are presently under way at the captive facility. Rainwater catchment tanks have been placed on a new foundation slab next to the facility shed, and a small solar power system has been installed by ElectraTech to power a water pump and a 12-volt chest [...]