Blue Iguana Recovery Program

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Starting into a busy summer!

As the summer heat builds, our incubators are filling once more with abundant Blue Iguana eggs from the captive facility and from the free-roamers which are nesting again in the Botanic Park. Over a hundred youngsters from the 2008 hatch, meanwhile, are reaching the size when they are due for release.
This year, we plan to [...]

Salina Blues Survey – successfully completed!

Our three-week structured survey of the released Blue Iguanas in the Salina Reserve this year, has been finished ahead of schedule and exactly as planned. The weather was helpful, the team carried through valiantly, and we have a data set which should contain answers to key questions, and no doubt a few surprises too.
One surprise [...]

Salina Blues field survey into its last week

The Salina Blues team are now into the third and final week of this year’s Blue Iguana population survey. If the weather holds, we will complete the formal line survey work on Sunday, and then will use some of the remaining days before the team members start heading home to resolve a few remaining mysteries, [...]

Week one of the Salina Blues Survey

Week one of the Salina Blues survey has been successfully completed, with 35 Blue Iguanas recorded so far on the survey routes.

Salina Blues survey team ready to start

The Salina Blues population survey teams are now fully geared up and ready to go: the survey kicks off tomorrow morning, 2nd March 2010.

New Book about the Blue Iguanas

“The Little Blue Book – a short history of the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana” will be launched in mid April 2010. Pre-ordering is now available at

2009 Hatching in Progress!

This year’s Blue Iguana eggs have started hatching already – we processed 40 hatchlings earlier this week and another clutch last night. Rows upon rows of hatchling cages have been readied to receive this year’s anticipated 130-plus new Blue Iguanas. We open the incubation boxes in a bath tub, as a convenient way of containing [...]

Our new and latest Species Recovery Plan for the Blues

Our Species Recovery Plan for the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, 2009 – 2011, is now out in (digital) print, and you can download it here. Thanks once again to John Binns at IRCF, for the document design and layout!
The SRP III is our new blueprint for saving our Blue Iguanas. We needed it because [...]

Blues egg tally already over 100

Our incubators are loaded again, as this year’s nesting season reaches its peak. Today we have 106 eggs incubating, and more nest excavations underway. Almost all these developing new baby Blue Iguanas are slated to go free into our new protected area in 2011, after spending two years growing to a safe survival size in [...]

Environmental Conference visiting the Blues

Tomorrow (Sunday May 31st) the Blues captive facility will be getting a lot of international attention – delegates to a UK Overseas Territories environmental conference are arriving in Grand Cayman this weekend, and fifty or so participants will be spending Sunday morning in the QE II Botanic Park. We’ll take them in several smaller groups to [...]