Blue Iguana Recovery Program

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The comments, updates, information, etc shared on this page comes directly from the individuals working in the Blue Iguana Recovery Program. They include John Marotta, and Samantha Hicks. You may also see postings here by other volunteers, visitors and representatives of the program.

Nesting Season Underway

As expected, the nesting season is starting a few weeks earlier than  normal, thanks to Archie and Vivian mating on the last Sunday of March.  This Monday, the 27th, I watched Vivian commit to digging a nest in preparation to lay her eggs.  This is a very important clutch of eggs because Vivian is a [...]

Getting ready for 2009 breeding season

New BIRP Warden Ricky Ebanks and local volunteer Todd Byron Paidel building a nest mound for the 2009 breeding season, while Harvey Crooked Tail oversees their work.
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Blue Iguana Tours

Our standardized tour schedule has been very popular and we are now hosting tour groups on a consistent basis. The tours of our breeding facility and safari on the woodland trail are given Monday through Saturday at 11:00am. Tickets can be purchased at the QEII Botanic Park main gate and cost CI$24 for [...]

2009 Breeding Season has begun!

The 2009 breeding season has begun! Adult breeding pair Archie, a long time resident of the programme, and his “girlfriend” Vivian, a recently collected wild Blue Iguana from Queens highway, were seen copulating this past Sunday by our local volunteer Stu Petch. Since then we have been very busy preparing [...]

13 is a lucky number!

13 is a lucky number, at least this weekend it was.  Thirteen, 2 and 3 year old Blue Iguanas from our head-start facility were released into the Salina Reserve on Sunday.  Helping the B.I.R.P. staff were local volunteers Sheilagh Rickard, Stu Petch, and Sara Agnolin.  We also had help from WCS Vets, Dr Paul Calle [...]

Here we go again…

Here we go again. Securing the facility for another tropical storm, Paloma, and she’s predicted to become a Cat 1-2 by the time it reaches the South shore of Grand Cayman by Friday rush hour. This is hitting us while we’re having a 10 day rain streak. Water is already everywhere! It’s [...]

Family Fun Day

A Family Fun Day will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2008. We are encouraging everyone to bring their family and friends to this event at Cimboco from 10am-3pm. Click Here for more information.

Team Blue Summer Edition

Team Blue Summer Edition is now over having 12 international volunteers during the past four months helping in all aspects of work with our busiest breeding season to date.  And two major storms passed by with out much incident, so now its business as usual at the B.I.R.P. facility.  The daily feeding process is taking [...]

Post Gustav Update

Hurricane Gustav passed to the North of Grand Cayman Friday night and Saturday morning, sparing the island a direct hit.  The facility was generally untouched with the exception of two medium sized trees that had fallen in separate pens, A Mahogany in Ryan’s pen and a Smoke Wood in Hal and Maria’s pen.  Today we [...]

Storm Gustav

It has been a busy first couple of weeks for our new Blue Iguana Warden, Cameron Richards.  Since Wednesday we have been preparing for storm Gustav with the help of our three international volunteers, Karen Corsetti from Georgia, Stacey Ellerston from Wisconsin, and Luiza Passos, from Brazil.  All the animals have been fed and watered [...]