Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Breeding begins among Blues released to the Colliers Wilderness Reserve

Jul 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured article

Just as we had hoped, this summer saw the first nesting of Blue Iguanas in the Grand Cayman’s new protected area, the Colliers Wilderness Reserve. Juanita, an adult female we released out there among the hundred-plus youngsters last year, became enamored of the big male Zarco, and evidently they must have mated this summer.

Then Juanita suddenly left her normal territory. Days later we found her in a nearby soil patch, covering over a new nest! It’s quite likely some of the larger youngsters we released last year may have also nested, maybe just an egg apiece because they are still so small, but Juanita will probably have laid eight eggs or more.

Juanita guarding her nest site

Hopefully this year’s rains, which have broken now, came in time to keep her eggs hydrated. Our camp site has withstood some stormy weather and we’re getting ready for the second iguana release to the Colliers Wildness, which will probably happen in August. It’s a rhythm we are getting used to – as we release the group of two year olds to the wild, this year’s hatchlings will be emerging from the incubators, and our head-starting cages will be occupied almost as soon as they are vacated.

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