Blue Iguana Recovery Program

Billy and Deborah have produced four healthy eggs!

May 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Captive Facility Blog

This is a major breakthrough for the programme.  Billy has to this date no confirmed offspring, despite being paired each year and as a founder this is a situation we have been desperate to remedy.  Finally yesterday four of the fourteen eggs unearthed were found to be viable.

It is a extraordinary time for this to have happened.  Deborah was underground laying when the animals were attacked on the 3rd May.  If she had been visible she may well have been killed.  Billy put up the fight of his life in order that he could still be with us.

Deborah went to extraordinary lenghts to hide her precious offspring.  John has spent many days painstakingly searching for them, a task made harder by Deborahs diversionary tactics.  Its hard not to project a greater understanding of the situation upon her.  These animals are amazing

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