Blue Iguana Recovery Program

2009 Hatch Crams Captive Facility to the Limit

Sep 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured article

Warden Alberto Estovanovich works on restoring old cages

Warden Alberto Estovanovich works on restoring old cages

The Blue Iguana captive facility is now, as we anticipated, packed with more iguanas than ever before. “It’s a good problem to have” we keep saying to each other, as John, Alberto and the Team Blue volunteers scavenge the last of our oldest and most damaged hatchling cages and build anew, to keep pace with emergence of clutch after clutch from the incubators.

Each freshly hatched egg clutch is left undisturbed in the incubation box for three to four days, while each hatchling’s umbilical opening seals over. Then they are cleaned, weighed and measured, and placed in individual cloth bags for transport to the captive facility.

As of the beginning of September we have 94 new baby Blues, and the last few clutches are still hatching. The final count for 2009, depending on hatching success in five remaining incubation boxes, is expected to reach somewhere about 119.

At that stage, not a single cage will be vacant, until December when we have scheduled the next release of captive-reared two-year-olds into the Salina Reserve.

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